Wise at Eighteen – My personal Life Story.

I finally started at eighteen after putting it off for so long. Since time immemorial, I have been in this online space doing something I would probably call observing.

I had writings. I had things to say, but each time I came, I would go off without posting them. Why? I had read amazingly brilliant posts from others and would go back and compare it with mine.

How silly. I had forgotten something about those people – they started long ago. How else will I improve if I do not start?

One thing was however sure. I was never a victim of posting irrelevancies or engaging in aimless conversations.

I chose the word victim because youths who do that still have not found clarity. Unfortunately, they have not understood the importance of branding themselves.

I was however, a victim of wanting to start big – just posting something and getting loads of likes and comments. Who are you?

I had forgotten about VALUE and PERSONAL BRANDING. I was also shy (imagine). I kept worrying about what my friends would say if they saw I had posted something ‘relevant’ online.

Soon, I worked on my mindset – the best thing I ever did.

I am saying these:

📌You don’t jump the steps. You don’t count one, then ten. There are stages to everything.

📌Getting jealous and antagonistic towards the success of others will not help you. They did the work to get where to that point.

📌Every high flying person you admire today started from the bottom. Ask. They may be kind enough to tell you their stories.

📌Just as companies brand themselves for consumers, you need to brand yourself.

📌Show why YOU offer a point of difference versus the competition. Marketers call this “product positioning”.

Regardless of age or position, you need to understand the importance of branding. Personal branding helps you build your career, develop influence and become an authority.

What is it you have that will definitely bring you out to the world? Is it dance, music, acting, writing?

Work on that. Make no room for shyness or being afraid of what people will say and by this time next year, you will be glad you did.


Your favourite ghostwriter and book editor.



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