As your own brand, do you know your singular narrative❓

Do people think similar thoughts about you or do they describe you as a Writer today and Graphics Designer tomorrow?

The negative thing about having these uncoordinated multiple brand personalities is that you confuse your audience.

They feel that since you are a master at none, they can’t trust you to deliver effectively. The reason you must have that singular narrative that communicates you to them.

For instance, the most dominant thing about me is that I write. People see me as a creative/content writer, an editor and a writing coach. They know that compared to my other social media accounts, I put out a lot of content, especially on Facebook and that I have sat on various editorial boards. Instead of my name, most choose to call me by Successpensit (my blog name).

If people think different things about you, then your brand message is not effectively communicated. You have not known your 5hs.


YOUR WHY – These are your objectives. Why you have decided to do what you do.

YOUR WHO – Target audience. The people who need your solutions.

YOUR WHAT – The message you intend to communicate.

YOUR WHERE – the platform you wish to use to distribute your message.

YOUR HOW – the tools and resources to use to communicate your message.

I talked about this extensively at the Business of Skills Workshop.

My singular narrative is that I’m passionate about creating content that help people find solutions and grow their businesses.

Every other aspect of my business comes under content marketing – my trainings, coaching sessions, editing, blogging, consulting, etc all are driven by contents in ways that add value to different people and get them their desired results.

People think of me and rightly think impact, value and inspiration, and I evolve over time.

Do you say you are a brand? What is your singular narrative? What is that which your brand seeks to communicate? What problem is it you want to solve?

If you are still thinking about it, take this home as an assignment.

You’ll realise that when you find the answers, you’ll gain more clarity and focus towards building an influential brand.

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