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“You might laugh at me but I don’t mind. You will surely end up smiling when you see my name on the news headline or my face on your TV screen. I just feel I should share with you, this magnificent plan I made for myself. Don’t call me crazy.”

“My top priority for now is to become the best graduating student with a 5.0 CGPA. Yes. You heard correctly. I’m so breaking that record. In the next eight years, I will be the most sought after lawyer in the country, and in the next ten years, I will be sitting in the International Court of Justice (ICJ), also known as World Court, as one of the fifteen judges. Its high time a female got there. Lower those brows. I’m not done. It won’t be a crime to become the first female Nigerian judge in ICJ. I have chosen to break that record. After I must have served, I’m coming back to Nigeria to give my best to my roots and…”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s enough. I don’t want to hear again,” Onyinye motioned with a raised finger; her face creased in irritation.

“See this lazy Nigerian Youth, ICJ judge. They will crown you queen of ICJ on your bed,” Amara hissed, unfolding the exercise book she held close to Dumeje’s mouth and tossing it on the reading table. “I thought this girl was going to say something better.”

The others laughed. Dumeje had given a rundown of her dreams and all she got was a demeaning laughter.

“Don’t worry. You all will be surprised at my success. Forget o. It doesn’t end here.” She remarked while climbing her bed, probably to resume her sleep. The shunning laughter had reduced her self-esteem.


That was a short story. This part is for you now, the reader. Yes. Follow her line of reasoning in the short story. Notice she stated it doesn’t end here. Yes, that is correct. However, it does starts here.

You set a record to break, but you sleep half your 86,400 seconds a day, away. You want to emerge best graduating student, be every morning, you wake up to watch movies lasting up to 6 hours and finally fall asleep whenever you pick a book. You are always on your phone, chatting, posting and reposting. You want to bag a first class honour, but you can’t do without partying.

Friends say amongst themselves, I must make it but only few actually make it. Not all of you will be rich. You want to be like Mark Zuckerberg, but do not want to invest and try out new things. You want to be number one in all you do, but developing your ideas is a tussle.

You want to become a celebrity, but you don’t want to show the world your talent. People like Viola Echebima, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Chinua Achebe, Folarin Falana (Falz), catch your fancy, but you are unwilling to go extra miles. Being the next Miss Universe is your target, but you refuse learning the right things to set your dreams straight. You spend hours on phone, discussing romance with someone that wont add value to your life, laughing hysterically, disturbing others who want to be productive.

Does this sounds harsh? That’s how it’s supposed to be. Since you have wild imaginations to sex chat, why don’t you write? What stops you from putting down those crazy ideas? You could become a romance writer. Who knows where your gold lies?

If your current actions won’t get you any close to the comfortable life you seek in future, retrace your steps. If it will, congratulation; you are already on your path to success. If you used to work hard but became lazy along the way, you need to get back to work.

Even the bible acknowledges that faith without work is dead (James 2:17). It is not just about dreaming and deciding! Work! Nothing will happen if you don’t work! If you don’t beat your flesh, you won’t get there! That’s the bitter truth.

Here’s a picture of what laziness can do to you:

Your time is whiled away. Before you realize it, you are already fifty with no footprints to inspire others. You are cited as an example of a failure and disgrace. You vent your anger and frustration on your family like they are the causes of your misfortune. Your life becomes so messed up.

That ugly image can be changed now. For now, you should be able to SACRIFICE. Leave your comfort zone. Change every negative mind set. Stretch yourself to success. Leave every relationship that is reducing instead of increasing your growth. Engage in things that will multiply, not just add to you. Remember! Time waits for no one. Flee from procrastination. Don’t wish, wield. Don’t dream, do.


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