It started with the guys, those very mean APAM guys, the kind of guys you see at burials, warning you about the acidic tears waiting for you, clutching and dancing with coffins on their shoulders.

In what seems to be the Anonymous message,  where an app by Kubool will tell netizens to send a friendly message to it, and a friend at the other end will check whatever good or nonsense being sent to him or her.

We’ve been falsely imprisoned by COVID 19, and the lockdown is taking a lot of tolls on some students. Solace was found on Kubol anonymous app to send messages and catch ‘cruise’ as some people termed it.

The boredom which engineered the anonymous messages had students sending the links to their various social media groups.

Tables were razed down, sulphuric tears were shaded, what was meant to be a friendly anonymous message turned out to be an avenue for tongue-wagging monsters to untie the towel carelessly tied on the waist of their victims, the watermelons on the chest and the rod in between the legs of their victims were made for the public to see.

The anonymous messages came in their numbers,  ranging from sexual accusations, the oral sex, loads of defamatory remarks. The slay queens, the husband snatchers, those with body odour were all slain to shreds in the Kubool anonymous message, and no prisoner was taken.

If you lacked the opportunity to insult someone, or tell some persons how you felt about their behaviour, Kubool anonymous message made it possible for Tom, Dick and Harry to massage their thumbs in euphoria and send the damn bombshell and wait for their victims to read them and wail in pain.

Some people’s handwriting were so easy to decipher. You could read in between the lines and know the persons that typed some messages; one bloke in my class has the habit of swearing all the time, even on normal WhatsApp group chat, you would see him swear all the time. He tested his mettle on the anonymous message, and nothing changed.

He scribbled down the swearing, and I believe some other persons noticed him.

While some low self-esteem folks, sent messages extolling themselves, catching cruise on their heads.

Through Kubool anonymous message revelations, we observed that some safe spots where we read our books, under the mango tree where students rest owing to tough lecture days were indeed a place where lips are locked, hairy objects are being searched for underneath the trousers, and where erections are in abundance at night.

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Our lecture seats were not safe from the purge of lovers, as most of the desks were used for stretching of legs and other sexual stuff, like the feast of saint Casanova.

Although the game was just for fun or catching of cruise like some people asserted, it paved way for grievous cyber-bullying, and opportunities for students to lie against their lecturers about sex for marks, luckily, no lecturer was indicted and that ended it.

My most concern is the cyber-bullying, some people have fragile hearts, and they can’t dab easily with words; while most of the things said there were lies and some true, it was highly uncalled for, the keyboard warriors never considered the massive consequences their actions might have caused.

They were splashing out derogatory remarks with reckless abandon and some people were getting hurt in the process.

I do pray and hope nobody commits suicide because of that.

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Although some have been trying to hack Kubol, to know the identity of those that sent those messages, for a payback to be made, a likely headbutt or ass whipping, but let whatever happened in anonymous remain anonymous.

While some victims of the anonymous message, were left with pain and tears, some were basking in euphoria,  saying that “Na f*ck we f*ck, we no kill person”

You’re allowed to argue that since those persons that sent defamatory remarks against you could only do that anonymously,  it shows that they lacked the balls to tell you all those things physically, that’s your argument,  and you may be right.

The towel has been ripped apart from our waist,  and our rods and watermelons rendered open for the public to see, the remedy for this is to get a new and longer towel, tie it firmly around our waists, to avoid this from occurring again.

We still have a long way to go. COVID 19 is still intransigent. Loads of conspiracy theories on our media outlets. This might take a whole lot of time, but in the midst of all this, we hope for it to end, and the streets, schools and workplaces will be boisterous once again.

When this is over, we might see something more strange than Covid-19, the real social distancing will happen. People won’t shake hands, friendships will change and that would be the birth of COVID-20, all for what Kubool anonymous message has caused.

Obiorah (Lumumba) 200L Law Student UNEC.

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Obiorah Chibuzor is a 200L
law student at the
University of Nigeria, Enugu
Campus. He is fondly known
as Lumumba.
He enjoys reading and writing,
but most importantly,
he loves researching.


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