Some things are not said, but society expects you to know them and heed to them to be a better person and encourage cohabitation. Below are things you ought to know. They can be very embarrassing when you do not know them.

Handling Phones

Do not touch anyone’s phone until they tell you to as well. Some people are not tolerant enough. See what they show you and return their phone.

Do not swipe up and down. It is not yours. Breaking this rule is invading their privacy, and you can actually be sued for it.

Hold Your Advice until You Are Asked for your Opinion

Do not go about sticking your mouth into issues that are none of your business. It is very unruly. Do not think you have understood their situation. You might think you are helping but you are not. If you are not their mum or dad or guardian, it is best to keep your mouth shut.

Order Wisely

When someone invites you to a meal, please choose the items you want on the menu wisely. You could end up embarrassing them and yourself. They might not have all the money. Even if they do, you could come off to them greedy, inconsiderate or a gold-digger.

Everyone Deserves Respect

Remove your footwear when entering someone’s home, ask for where to keep it, anything, and just do not wear footwear into someone’s house unless they ask you to. Do not assume that because you are close acquaintances, it is alright. IT IS NOT. They might be finding it difficult to tell you. I have told you today.

Cover Your Mouth While Sneezing or Coughing

There are germs in there. You won’t like it either if someone sneezes or coughs all over your face.

Repay Kindness

If someone buys you food, buy one back or do something else in return to show appreciation. They will see you as sensitive and value you more.

Leave Your Phone Face Down On The Table

If on a date or out with friends. Never leave your phone on the table face up, it subconsciously hints that your phone is more important than their company. Avoid pressing it too; it shows you are interested in the conversation. Do not forget to either put it on silent or vibrate mode, maintain serenity.

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