QUEEN ZA (Final Eps)

The queen killed all the other guards who kept watch on the girl. They had failed to notice such important thing. She promised Zul a reward. Now, the girl’s leg had to be cut.

She was taken back to her cell. Za, instructed she be fed to replenish all she had lost and be ready for the next sacrifice. She neither ate nor listened to anyone, not even Zul. She managed to trust him, but he betrayed her trust.

I guess she had a family, for with her middle finger, she scribbled ‘Mother’ on me. When I saw Ta approaching towards her cell, I knew she was in danger. He unlocked the cell and forcefully flung open the door like a hungry man who doesn’t want his food to get cold. I felt the pain.

Fear gripped her. Who wouldn’t be scared of Ta with his triangular eyes and rectangular lips? She kept squirming and moving backwards until our backs hit. That moment, I could feel she wanted me open up and swallow her. I wished I could, but the wood was so hard.

Ta chuckled, licked her face, and began tearing her clothes. I felt bad for her because even I couldn’t breathe from his stench and bad breath.

He made her fully naked, squeezed her breasts and made to climb on top of her when Zul landed a hard punch on his back. He threw him to me and threatened to kill him if he touched her again. I remember from his words, he had said, “have you no fear to defile a sacrifice for your mother?”

I had hardened myself the more to make sure the pain seeped inside him. With Ta’s head lowered in disgrace, he left.

She hugged her kneels in an attempt to hide her nakedness and cried. She shielded her face as Zul tried to stroke it using the back of his palm.

“What is that?” Zul had said, pointing at a blank part of me and pecking her cheek, kissing her. She fell for the same trick, again and again, thrice in a row, finally smiling.

Next, he hugged her. “I can’t let you die. I have come to save you. You shall bring back our king to this world and I shall take his place in your world.”

I was astonished. Our King was alive! The evil queen had trapped him in the human world! Zul clothed her, gave her his wand, and equipped her for the journey. “Kara,” she muttered, and returned Zul’s kiss.

They were at it for quite a while, it made me jealous. Her name was Kara. Zul tied a long rope from my window to the ground. She climbed out of the cell grasping it, waved him goodbye, and disappeared with the wand.

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