QUEEN ZA (Eps 2)

I watched her stand frightfully near my gate, looking around in terror and jerking at each sound of thunder and lightning with her arms hugging her chest. Soon, the guards came to drag her in. Her resistance was futile.

Ta, Za’s son, couldn’t take his squid-like eyes off her as they dragged her on the floor to her cell. No, don’t think he likes her. He doesn’t. That was his usual reaction whenever a beautiful female was brought in. He would go to her cell later and claim her forcefully. He was worse than his mother.

Guards were specially assigned by Za to guard her, with Zul as the chief guard. Later, a slice of bread was thrown in to her. Occasionally, she would rest her head on her knees and cry. I watched her whimper, slow and steadily.

When she blew her nose and rubbed the mucus on me, I didn’t mind. I was dirty anyway. She had said she only wanted to be good, to return a purse filled with money to an old, fragile grandmother. She wished she never did it.

Zul had brought her chips and a cup of water, but she refused them. He felt she was scared it was poisoned. To make her eat, he took a bite from each chip before he fed her with them, then drank from the water before she did. Next, he took her away to the slaughter. The food was her last before she would be killed.

Za was seated on the throne designed with thorns and human skull. She didn’t have to use sword to kill. If she did, the blood will dry up and only little will be gotten. She just performed some incantations and blood dripped from any opening in the human’s body.

Her screams made me vibrate. I felt so much pity for her. Blood gushed from her eyes, ears, nose and mouth. She kept blocking them while begging for mercy. She begged Za, Ta, me and Zul. The trickling blood made her tears hardly seen.

When she gave up, Zul interrupted Za. He had noticed she had a mark on her leg which needs to be removed lest they bring a curse upon their kingdom and perish.

The queen killed all the other guards who kept watch on the girl. They had failed to notice such important thing. She promised Zul a reward. Now, the girl’s leg had to be cut.

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