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QUEEN ZA (Eps 1)

This is a short story with the cover photo as the prompt. Enjoy!

I used to sparkle white, with no distorted patches of green algae and milk stains. The late queen made the maids scrub me daily with large-toothed brushes and soap. The cloud above me used be clear with the warming colours of white and sea blue.

The Calgians used to be loving creatures, till the evil queen usurped the throne. Her name was Za.

Her face grew scales like the body of a fish and her head had eight extensions like the arms of an octopus. She had more abilities than the rest. She could see, smell and hear far and wide because of her numerous organs.

She loved foul smell and ate worms. She would fart so loudly in court and order the officials to close all doors and windows. She cut out all light and electricity from the kingdom and made her people live in the dark, day or night. Thus, the darkness you see hovering all around me.

Sole-handedly, she had repainted my ceiling with thick human blood. When the red blood seems to fade, she would leave to the outside world to catch humans and repaint it.

Her darkness and black magic gave the cloud a splash of yellow, red, green, navy, orange and black. It rained sooth and blood. She had adjoined another house to me where she kept her prisoners. Sounds of Lightning and thunder became the new music to their ears.

Za used to be a servant of the royal family. She had seduced the king, gotten pregnant for him and smothered the queen in her sleep. Later, she made an evil demon possess the king and he hanged his only son on a tree. One day, he had left with her and never returned. His whereabouts still remains a mystery.

She had a trick for catching humans. She would possess powder-white hair, her eyes watery, like one fatigued and about to cry and her skin creased like a roughly folded paper. With a quaking quivering voice, she would order a maid to get her the dirtiest of rags, a walking stick and many purses, then she would leave in limping movements.

Walking in a crowded market, or anywhere, she would drop a purse. Whoever picks it up for whatever reason, disappears into our thick, dark forest.

This time, the trap had caught a young girl with a wavy hair and small eyes. Whenever they led someone into me, I looked at their fingernails. The girl’s nails were so white and short. She looked so pure.

No matter how anyone begged on her behalf, Za would never leave her. Her blood was the type that its colour never faded. It would be used to paint Za’s room itself.

I watched her stand frightfully near my gate, staring around in terror and jerking at each sound of thunder and lightning with her arms hugging her chest. Soon, the guards came to drag her in. Her resistance was futile.

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