Today, the 1st of February, marks my twenty years of being a lesbian. No, it’s not what you think. I wasn’t coerced into it. I was born that way.

You might not believe it but the last time I tried being intimate with a man, I almost died.

Mum used to be against who I truly am, however, she let me be after that near death experience. I am writing this because it is high time Africans (Nigerians) accepted me too.

I came out to discover that my society hated me. They look at me with disgust and call me silly names. I even read it’s punishable by death in some countries.

It made me hide my true identity to please. I couldn’t do with my girlfriend, what other you did with yours. It hurt – the rejection, feeling like an outcast.

This post is just to tell you, I won’t do that anymore.

I will stop trying to please people who have refused to tackle the real problems of their country. Hear me Nigeria, QUEER IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM, CORRUPTION IS.

The most annoying is G-boys, ritualists, thieves, prostitutes, even wicked stepmothers and evil uncles and aunties condemn us.

Henceforth, I will walk around the streets, holding tight, my girlfriend’s hand, just like you do with your relationship mates. I will kiss her in the cinema. I will scatter our pictures on social media till it reaches the ends of the earth. Fuck what the homophobics have to say about it. Let it pepper them.

You go crazy about racial discrimination. You hate it when whites treat you like shit. The feminists advocate for women rights. How about gay rights?

It’s high time you left my kind alone and go solve the real problems of your country. In which country does the executive tactlessly interfere with the judiciary? See the reigning suspension of the Chief Justice case. Even the judiciary, the lady justicia has gone on trial.

I don’t care the negativism you react to this post with. I am as angry as you are.

On October 8, 2016, two alleged lesbians were burned to death in Markurdi. Not to talk of the other jungle justices we have been receiving.

You homophobic that claim to read a lot, have you read Jude Idibia’s Walking With Shadows, Chinelo Okparanta’s Under the Udala Tree, Unoma Azuah’s Blessed Body, Olumide Popoola’s When We Speak of Nothing, Chike Edozien’s Lives of Great Men (2017)?

No, you’ve not. You know nothing about us, but you keep persecuting us. Read them, maybe you would understand us.

Stop making us run to foreign countries just to be free to live as we are. Cure your corruption and let my kind live peacefully in their country.

Let me leave you to still condemn this post. Until next time.

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11 Replies to “PROUDLY LESBIAN”

  1. Hi,

    I do not understand how you feel. But I know many lesbians who have been re-ingrained into becoming heterosexuals and they have been fulfilled by that. I would advise you allow other people who know how to handle this to give you a hand. Nothing is too far or old to take a new turn.

    The natural test of order is the natural test. Lesbianism is not a natural order but must have originated out of human ability to make anything possible. Children or offsprings of the innovator often carry these traits in their genes, when they are not the originator.

    There are triggers for this. Avoid or eliminate the triggers, with the help of a coach, you will suppress it and find a soulful fulfillment. Nothing, strongly desired, is impossible. But I advise, we seek possibility in/with natural order.

    You can give me a call on 08096811493.

    I love your writing generally. I am also a writer but I focus exclusively on technical book writing.

  2. Hello Sam, thank you for dropping me this long, awesome comment 😆. It’s really nice knowing what you think, however, you don’t force an individual to change what works for them. Everyone has a choice on how to live their lives. If the queer have chosen the queer path, we are not to punish them.

    It’s fun rubbing minds with a another writer. Drop the link to your blog if you have one. I’d love to visit too!

  3. Your diction is always direct and explicit. That’s one thing i admire, among other things.

    I used to be a writer, but it can be damn stressful and requires a lot of brain works.
    Success dear, i acknowledge your love for the society.
    Continue doing what you’re doing. 👍

    Cosmas Okwumuo
    022 law UNEC.

  4. Thanks you, Cosmas, for visiting my blog, and thanks for the compliment 😄. I just love making them as simple as possible.

    You’re right. Writing can be quite stressful but it’s all about inspiration and time management. I would love to read one of your works too (old or new).

    I just feel sad hearing someone say, ‘I used to be a writer’. I hope the zeal comes back to you soon.

  5. I really love the write up. Whenever I support gays in public people look at me like I’m not in my right mind. I’m not gay but I strongly believe that people are entitled to their own choices. And those who condemn forget that there is no sin greater than the other. Nice work success keep soaring higher.

  6. Baby your works are interesting and am not surprised at all because I know that the one’s ahead is greater than this ..keep it up Oluamara

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