Oluamara Success Nwaeze wins the 28 Days Open Writers Challenge S3

The Online Publishers and Entrepreneurs Network (OPEN), founded by Edirin Edewor, is an all-encompassing community for authors, writers, freelancers and entrepreneurs. It is an online community for authors and intending authors who want to learn or master the art of publishing and profiting from e-books on local and international platforms like Amazon, as well as become Amazon Bestsellers. “Oluamara Success Nwaeze wins OPEN Writers Challenge.”

OPEN Winner Certificate
Oluamara Success Nwaeze wins the 28 Days Open Writers Challenge S3

It is also for freelancers and creative writers in the online publishing industry who want to make a living from their writing and offer their services to other writers and authors. In OPEN, startup entrepreneurs who want to learn the necessary skills required to start and scale their businesses are supported using online tools.

In 2019, OPEN organised again its heated annual writers’ challenge which usually runs for 28 days and after the writing challenge and assessements, Oluamara Success Nwaeze was announced winner amongst hundreds of writers with a total of 171 posts, 11.5k comments , all made in just a period of 28 days!

According to her, it took wits, strategy, consistency, teamwork, discipline, further improving her skills and not giving up despite the many reasons she had to.

Read what she said after her win in one of her books, “Chronicles”:

“A day to the challenge, I was so depressed I didn’t even know what I was doing. Owing to school and life’s stress, my writing career was already having this negative twist that bothered me. It got to a point where it was no longer about knowing how to write but having the zeal to put something down. My creative juices ran dry I wondered how I was going to come up with amazing content for 28 days nonstop. My number one driving force when I joined the challenge was improving myself because I knew I would completely lose what I have if I just wallow in depression and did nothing. With that mindset already set in place, I was able to walk past the reluctance and emotional instability and began putting in place my winning strategies. Yes, it was intentional. My win was neither by luck nor by accident. It was all planned out. It would have been extremely difficult to come out as number one amongst hundreds of other challengers without making adequate preparations.”

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