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“So it’s you,” Sanu said again. Swinging the knife to Chubby’s face, climbing the bed we were on.

“Emeh pleeaaassseee! Please please please, I’m sorry please.”

“Shut up!” Emeh shouted. “How long has it been and you are already with another man?”

“But you were the one that left me…”

“I said shut up!” A slap that sent my brain turning landed on my cheeks.

He pulled on my hair and dragged me out from where I was hiding – Chubby’s back. His tight grip made me whimper. My eyes rained tears. I was facing the most dreaded moment of my life – Emeh turning against me.

The continuous, endless drip kept mixing with the watery mucus running down my nose.

Chubby said nothing. He looked unafraid. He dodged the knife as Sanu tried to make the first hit at him. Sanu kept attacking him with the blade and he kept dodging it. The tension was unbearable. The knife could get to him anytime!

“Ahhhh, My God, Emeh please I’m begging you. Make this stop pleaseeeee, make him stooooop!” I cried with his hands still sunk deep into my hair. “I promise I would come back to you.”

“You want it to stop? Tell him to beg.”

“Chubby please beg, just beg pleaseeeee, please just beg.” I was losing my voice, but Chubby wouldn’t beg. His left cheek was already bleeding, the knife had found its way through it.

“So, this is the bread you were being all mushy with, eh?” Emeh said, momentarily loosening his grip on my hair and giving me another slap that sent me licking my teeth and swallowing some blood.

“Pleaseee, I’m sorry, please, have pity on us,” my face was already wet with tears.

I had said it and at that moment, I was really sorry. I wanted him to have pity, to not kill Chubby, to let us go.

Sanu now had the knife pointed towards Chubby’s chest. Chubby tightly held Sanu’s fist, using all energy to redirection the knife towards Sanu. He almost succeeded, but my ex broke the wine bottle on his head.

Sanu, angry that someone could challenge him, dug the dagger into his chest, four times.

“Nooooooo. Jesuuuuuusssss. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Sannuuuuu. Chubbyyyyy. My God.”

He tried making the fifth stab when I forcefully left my ex’s grip and stabbed him using the bottle that earlier shattered on Chubby’s head. A patch of my hair left with me.

Chubby’s pupil was dilating, his body stretching. I was shaking his body and telling him not to leave me when Emeh knocked me out. He had told me that he would never let another man have me no matter what happened. He always found it difficult letting go.

For the first time after that incident, I opened my eyes on a hospital bed, crying for Chubby’s life, wondering what happened to Emeh and blaming myself for dating a crazy ass man.

My Crazy Ass Ex-boyfriend 1

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