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The speed with which the men barged into the VIP hotel room startled me. I was only on bra and a panty. I regretted not heeding to my inner voice. I had earlier refused to obey two of my instincts.

The first one was to go home. It was late – 8pm. I had told Chubby that I would be going home but got carried away when he lured me into another round of sex.

The second was to close the door. We knew my ex had lodged in the opposite room, but left the door wide open.

Chubby had been stubborn. It was he that suggested we leave the door open, reason being – Emeh will not do anything.

I had wanted to not listen to him but his subsequent kisses made me reluctant to go to the door.

I couldn’t imagine leaving his lips, besides, the opposite room was already empty. Only the room service woman was there, cleaning up the mess the men had made. So, I guessed my ex had already left.

However, my guess was wrong. He had only gone to a bar to get himself drunk and has showed up with Sanu, his friend as crazy as he. Sanu’s presence had always kept me on my toes. I feared him greatly.

One time in a party, while Emeh and I still together, Sanu had smashed a bottle on the wall and buried it in the chest of the receptionist. His reason was – the man told him to bring down his leg (he had hanged it on top of his drinking table while smoking pot).

He said the receptionist insulted him because he didn’t have money and gave other reasons like if he were Davido, the man wouldn’t have painted such mud on his face because of a fucking wooden table.

Not minding what he had done, he was still there, shouting the police should dare come carry him. Emeh had signaled me and we disappeared together.

Sanu still came to another meeting of ours the next day. How he escaped that incident is still a mystery.

There was this dangerous man, pointing a dagger towards my newly found boyfriend and the man I used to cuddle, staggering beside him.

The look on Emeh’s face was not to be messed with. He was drunk but had his feet firmly rooted on the ground. He snarled at me.

“So, it’s you.” Sanu said, pointing the dagger towards Chubby.

“Jesus Sanu please please please,” I begged while hiding behind Chubby. My heart flew out of my chest. The thought that Sanu could use the dagger on Chubby anytime sent my heart on a marathon.

“Emeh please please,” I begged the face that mocked me. Aside from Chubby, I was scared they could waste me too. My nude appearance obviously made him angrier. I wished I had still been on my clothes.

“So it’s you,” Sanu said again. Swinging the knife to Chubby’s face, climbing the bed we were on…


My Crazy Ass Ex-boyfriend 2

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