LIFE: melancholic plus motivational

Life is such a strong word

It encompasses the sweetness like the droppings from a honeycomb

The slapping edge of the sour taste

That makes the whole body quiver and shudder

While the eyes water in protest


The biting bitterness of the surface that makes us throw up copious amounts of saliva

Leaving an aftermath of nausea crippling our guts.

Life is a summation of both the good and the bad

The tainted and untainted

The pure and the Rusty stains of our struggles seared deep into supple flesh


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Some say life is grey, so unsure, caught between light and darkness

A mirror of confusion

Others say it is black

Thick like lead and as dark as coal

Every shade of darkness peculiar to a specie


Few say it is white

Untainted, pure, innocent

It’s brightness utterly brilliant it dazzles the human eyes.

I say life has no colour

Whether grey, dark or white

Life takes the colour you give it

For you are the painter, the canvas is laid bare before you

The brush is your hand and with firm strokes, you give color to your life.


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