Hello people, it is that time of the year when those in relationships gum together and make beautiful memories while the single ones die of heartbreak watching them.

Most guys have already cooked in their heads, the excuses to give the side chicks. Girls in long distance relationships are racking their brains on the perfect excuses to give their parents to run away from home. They can’t afford to miss that night’s cuddling, in his house.

You might ask, does that particular cuddling have a special sweet to it? of course, it does, trust me.

As everyone is seriously making preparations, I have decided to give you a list of gifts to cement it with. Don’t make her think you are just after the horny pot; buy her gifts!

Feminine creatures love gifts. It is a special act of love that makes us feel thought about and valued. Of course, remove the flowers and candy. It mustn’t be an iphone. Just something we could hold to chest and cry on when you eventually leave us.

Below are lists of things you could spice up our day with while we wait for the night marathon.

Wrist watch

Leather or steel, find out her preference. She’ll definitely love it on Valentine’s Day. Imagine her wearing it, looking at it and thinking of you. The perfect way to stay on her mind all day.

Wine Tumblers

Give her this to unwrap and probably, smear your lips on it too. Make her remember the movement of your lips while drinking from it. She’ll use it every day!

Jewelry Box

Girls love accessories. Buy her a durable something to put them all in.


Something nice inside the jewelry box will do too, you know. Make it spicier.

Photo Album

Pretty cheap and green. Make sure one or two of your pictures are there. Wow her the more by putting your pictures together. I guarantee you she’ll cry – tears of joy, or love? I’m not sure.


Know her signature smell. She’ll use it every day.


Food. Oh my. Personally, I love food. If you buy me all these without food, you’ve not even started. Many of us are like that too. Go find out what she loves and stuff her with them on valentine.


Make her feel sexy. Buy it and tell her to wear it.

Ps: if you don’t know her size, don’t buy this. The wrong size will make her feel you are imagining her to be something she is not – a total bad feeling to give your special girl on valentine.


This is the perfect way to wrap yourself around her neck. She’ll feel it all the time and think of you.

Now you know a few things to gift her and make her feel special. Go make your valentine the most memorable one ever!

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