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If you believe that all persons who put up contents that make you sulk at why you haven’t come up with such are naturally blessed with doing so, STOP!

As a child, I never thought of becoming a writer. Yes. In fact, I hated reading books. I used to see them as time wasters. How could I sit down and read Chiamanda’s Purple Hibiscus with how many pages? If it wasn’t that Math or English, or some other course book that I’d be writing in exams then, it didn’t sit with me.

I did try to embrace it and write my first book in junior high, but one week later, I met what I was writing inside an old drawer, accumulating dust.

Wonder how I started manipulating the pen? It started from a challenge and motivation.

A senior had written a drama, and our principal challenged others to do better, with the promise of promoting sales by making every student in school buy it.

That sure was a good bait. It sent me on the quest of expanding my creative writing ability. To really persuade her to make every student read your book, one had to make it as educative and entertaining as possible.

I was reading that senior’s book and sulking at why I couldn’t come up with such, why I couldn’t find some sort of solace in the pen. She was a student like me, just two classes higher.

Just like that, I had had motivation. I needed other students to read me and you know what, they did.

Upon graduation, I was announced as the school’s newly published author. Goal was crushed!

However, aside motivation and challenge, here are other things that can help stimulate your creative juices:

Don’t become obsessed with just writing, have other fun!

Build your life around other things besides writing. Make new friends with different stimulating values, watch movies (go to a cinema or watch from your phone, just make sure you’re seeing something new), learn new skills, develop healthy relationships, once in a while, attend that party.

When it seems to no longer flow, and your pen no longer obeys you, don’t force it. Do not let the pressure from seeing what others have put up online make you write things readers can’t digest.

Do any of the above, relax, come back to write, think about them and find yourself running wild with ideas.

Write everyday

Now, this is hard, but it is a hundred percent achievable. I understand that there are other engagements seeking your attention – you have to study, work, take care of your family and tend to your personal needs. However, doing this will work you through your creative blocks.

When you write every day, you’ll discover you find it easier coming up with quality contents in a lesser amount of time.

Aside from having numerous works in your name, sitting down to write everyday sharpens your mind and makes you overcome writer’s block.

No, you mustn’t write one thousand words. Perfectly describing the day’s experience is enough.


Make long journeys. Visit new places. Ever told you that most story ideas I got came while in buses? Now you know.

Feeling the breeze on my face and watching other buses swiftly get past ours work magic on my brain. With my headphone on, I enjoy an in depth serenity coupled with an inner connection – creativity is unleashed. Take headphones with you if they help you write better.

A lot are happening on transit. You could be on the same ride with a driver who never stops telling stories till he reaches his destination or a passenger who can’t stop complaining. For writers, environment is everything.

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Rest can make you more creative. Sometimes, when ideas on how to wow my readers refuse coming up, I take a nap. After a good sleep, I wouldn’t have to think so much on words to use.

Dear writer, your brain is working perfectly fine. Sometimes, all it needs is just rest.

You spend so much time reading the works of others and immediately after that, run to your computer to force yourself to produce something similar. No. it hardly works that way.

When you are done with that book, it’s OK to take a week off to rejuvenate your mind. While on it, cast out worry. Make your mind devoid of those bugs (worry) that contaminate it.

Taking breaks to gain more experiences and returning to unleash them can skyrocket your creative writing skill to the next level.

Gain exposure

Experiment with new things. If you used to read only books on romance, try thrillers. Never attended a burial? Do so. Read variety of books.

You can erotically describe sex scenes even as a virgin. You can explain childbirth even without having any children. As a boy, you can describe the menstrual cycle and what breast feeding feels like. Never been to Australia, you can write something on what life there is like.

It all depends on what you read. Gather knowledge on things you hardly know about and come back to put all together in an amazing writing.

Are there other tactics you employ to write beautifully? Share your thoughts below.

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About Successpensit

This blog is managed by Oluamara Success Nwaeze. She is a law student at the University of Nigeria. Aside blogging, she ghostwrites, creates contents and edits manuscripts. Her happiness mostly comes from food.

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  1. Avatar

    Success, this is too good to be ignored. Thank you for the beautiful piece.

    You said it all.

    I also want to add that – the Holy Spirit inspires too. Most times, when we run out of words and inspiration, He’s there leading us to the right words.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Successpensit

    Very correct, Kene Christ. Sometimes, He does it all for us. Thanks for this beautiful comment.

  3. Avatar

    Nice piece Success! A lot of writers are having a hard time making their works actually come out good. This helps quite a lot!

  4. Avatar

    This is beautiful success. May God grant you more grace and strength to continue. Keep it up.

  5. Successpensit

    I’m glad you find it helpful. Thank you, Chimdiogo.

  6. Successpensit

    Thanks for visiting IPHY, I’m grateful.

  7. Avatar

    This is amazing. I really got inspired and spurred to do something new. Keep it up dear.

  8. Successpensit

    Thank you, Okonkwo Chioma. I’m especially happy it spurred you to do something new.

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