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This blog post is to explain certain things about an emotionally broken mind and how to fix it.

The post is not just for those with fresh heartbreak wounds, but also for others who are still angry or haven’t really moved on from a relationship that ended years ago.

Let’s get right into it. Below are some things you need to note to help you attain closure:


When a romantic relationship ends, do not avoid the pain. The best thing to do is face it. We understand you’ve invested so much into it and can’t bear to see it end.

However, count it as one of the numerous losses in life to make you better for the next person who deserves you. It helps!

Analyze the experience and sieve out the lessons. There must be something new to learn from it – something you probably don’t want repeating in your next relationship.


IT DOESN’T END THERE! Yes, the pain is cutting you deeper than a knife, but stop sulking! My friend, do not become miserable over someone who probably has forgotten you exist. Facebook-stalking them won’t help.

The temptation to do this for instant relief in your darkest, weakest moments is great. However, don’t. It opens old wounds and obstructs the process of healing.

There are other distractions are around you. Overcome the tiredness/unwillingness and step out of that door. Meet new people, go shopping and make yourself happy. Sometimes, only the radiation of the sun on your face removes a great portion of the pain.


You never can tell. They might have been obstacles that God removed from your life, but with your actions, you are washing His goodwill down the drain. Channel your grieving energy into doing positive things that can help you attain greater heights.

If you are a student, channel that clubbing energy into ‘devouring’ your books. Smash those courses, smash! If you’re a worker, it is your opportunity to give your work all the attention and accomplish more. Get closer to your clients/customer, provide quality service and watch yourself bloom and boom.


Have you checked if you’re ripe for dating yet? You shouldn’t be wasting your time on it if you’re not. There are many other productive things you can do. Find them out and start engaging. Develop yourself, for yourself, for those who have sacrificed a lot to see you thus far, and for that lucky person in the nearest future.

Forget about getting revenge!

Really think about it. There is nothing to be so vengeful for after a breakup. They said they don’t want you anymore? They found someone better? Fine! Let them be. You can’t force someone to be in your life. Let them go and live your life.

There are better people installed for you in future. Don’t lose your destiny over someone who has failed to see your worth. Never bash them online. Show some levels.


Dress cuter. Work out. Eat well. Go out. Look good. Never neglect your appearance and make yourself age faster. It just makes it worse! Taking care of how you look increases your self-esteem and boosts your chances of getting someone new.

Now you know some tips on how get over it. Break out of those thoughts and start rebuilding your life.

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