Covid-19 Memoir

It has been tough for everyone everywhere since the beginning of this coronavirus pandemic.

Nigeria started feeling the heat since March, and we were made to hide in the place where we ordinarily think is safest – home – our comfort zones. This too came with a lot of challenges.

At first, students were happy – they wouldn’t have to face exams unprepared anymore, now they had more time to read; student entrepreneurs happier because they could finally make something more productive focusing on the other things they love; workers, pleased they could use a day or two of rest; writers, bloggers – anticipatory – finally some time to write that best-selling book and optimize their blogs to earn much more.

In the euphoria of having to meet our loves and rest, less attention was paid to how long it will take.

Two weeks went. One month later, it’s a nervous breakdown. Shot after that, you are not able to focus.

I, for instance, would sit in front of my open books all day, pressing my phone, going from ‘just a second to check this Facebook notification’ to spending more time and adding more hours of Instagram, then reading Twitter trends, then watching videos on YouTube, and sometimes, back and forth on Whatsapp even when I know there is no important message.

Before this time, I had online courses stacked up that I’d like to take if I had the time. Sometimes I cried. FOR WHO? I was losing interest and not concentrating.

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Kai! I was wasting away, but something hit me one day. All the coaching classes I have attended, the work I did for years, the money spent on me, the ones I spent on myself, the hardships I faced, all these I didn’t want to go to waste.

The above changed my mindset, just for an hour, then something I call the ‘push n pull’ happened, that part where you say, ‘the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak’.

I let my brain and mind go into another recess, but not without repeatedly, telling myself ‘I am wasting’, until I decided to make my flesh willing.

The day I tried, I promised myself that I will give one last try to do my best. That day, I sat in front of my computer with my hands on the keys and thought long and hard. It was not funny.

The residue of days of unproductivity and plays was taking its toll. I couldn’t write.

I had to start somewhere. I started by joining online writing competitions, then spending at least two hours on my books. A lot has changed since then.

Most important to me, I feel more valuable and confident, and the plans I had made for this period are gradually falling into place.

‘After this, as a student, I cannot manage to pass with just an average score.’ This is what to tell yourself. This is not just for students too. A lot of people used to write on my Facebook space, but seem to have disappeared, especially this period.

These are rough times you need to pass to be successful.

One major mistake you would make is to join those preaching against being productive in this period. One said, ‘All we’ve heard is productivity. This is the time to sit and relax and be content.’

Such talks, to me, are just excuses to validate one’s laziness. Unless you have MADE IT IN LIFE, this will only make you miserable post-Covid-19.

Forgive yourself for procrastinating and start anew.

You must not be reading, neither must you be a writer. As a goal getter, you know that particular thing you must do to be and feel useful, DO IT.

Believe me, a lot is going to change after this. Post Covid-19, you either come out strong or less significant.

Think about what went wrong and ways to right them.

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