As a Professional content writer, I have created contents for clients that helped them revamp their businesses. With the right content marketing strategies, I have helped people organize their events which in turn, had massive turn-ups.

Today, I will be revealing to you tips that can help you improve your content writing skills and start earning as a content writer.

First, you need to know that as a writer, marketer, business owner or entrepreneur, content creation is the ultimate way to market your products/services, not the second, not the last. When you create contents, you’re providing free and useful information to your audience, attracting potential customers to your website, and retaining existing customers through quality engagement.

Contents enable you to get into the minds of your potential customers and input whatever information you want there, but a good content makes them put their hands into the deepest part of their pocket and pay for your value, no matter the price placed.

Spice up your contents with a compelling force; that conviction that what you have to offer is what your clients need, and cannot get it elsewhere.

Below are some ways to step up your content creation game:

Just as you make plans on how to organize your big event or crush your goals, set your content goal. Your content goal could be to:

• attract more physical/online customers,
• increase your online presence/fame/visibility,
• attract more visitors to your blog,
• make more book sales, and so on.

Doing this not only channels your purpose, but makes you align your content with your goals. It prevents you from writing about things unrelated to your business marketing. To get your desired outcome, know your content goals.

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Your buyer persona is the person that you want to reach with your content. They serve as the representation of your target audience, i.e., the people who are most likely to benefit from your message and become customers/clients.

You need to know who you are speaking to, how to speak to them, where to find them, what are their problems and the lasting solutions to those problems. Your readers need to feel connected to you or you will still be experimenting.

Note: your readers are smart human beings. Do not write unrealistic things or make unreasonable targets. Going to such lengths just to write to please is highly not recommended. Your potential customers/customers know what they want. There is no promising your way out of it.

Channel your content to the practical ways of solving their problems and with time, grow yourself a large army of customers.

Each of your prospects should follow a path to a solution. Your clients are different and at different levels of their career. They could all be writers, but there are writers who are still struggling to gain clarity.

There are others who are looking for ways to grow their audience. There are also authors of numerous books and are now targeted on becoming bestsellers, improving sales or becoming internationally published.

By creating content for each stage of the buyer’s journey, you’re ensuring that no visitors fall through the cracks and that every individual that comes to you feels like they are receiving relevant, useful information.

A content audit is simply taking an inventory of the works you’ve already done, then organizing them to fit under your new content plan. Whether you’ve been creating content for a while without any clear direction or you’ve been following a strategy all along, every marketing department can benefit from a content audit.

The process might involve some re-writing, or it could reveal gaps that need to be filled with content that appeals to your persona and their journey stage.

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Performing a content audit is tedious, but believe me, it is worth the process. It helps you categorize each post and discover who you should actually be selling your products to.

Let your audience know that you are always there; that they can always find you. If you don’t, you’ll lose them to other content writers, even if you’re more qualified than they are. Consistently dish out contents that attract some reactions to your space. You need those likes and comments.

People hardly visit places where nothing is happening, and when something is happening, it attracts others to know what’s going on. MAKE THINGS HAPPEN ON YOUR SPACE – Your blog, Facebook timeline, Instagram, whatever social media outlet you use to call on customers.

What happens when you are not consistent?
It will be difficult to grow new customers/clients. Only the old ones who’ve build trust and confidence in you from old dealings will hire you. You start getting out of sight; you know what they say about that.

Choose the platform that helps you be consistent. A podcast series might be a great marketing tactic, but if you lack the resources (and patience) to stick to it, then a blog might be a better route, or your Facebook Community or your timeline.

Here, I can tell you that you don’t necessarily need a blog. I started promoting my contents before I became a blogger and it paid well. I still made my earnings.

While social media is a relationship building tool, it can be used to promote content. It’s all about finding the right balance between self-promotion, sharing useful information, and entertainment. The key is modifying that content to fit the platform.

You can use email marketing or budget for paid promotion. The ads can run on social media, search engines, or other websites.

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