Before you start feeling erotic sparks (that’s if you’ve not started yet), and that sudden rush of blood through your veins that forcefully hangs your breathing for some time, plus the gasp, and the deep inhalation of air to loosen up your tight-feeling chest whenever they probably touch you or do those things that make you flush, know these:

Take it easy, for your own good.

It might not be what you think. Give it time while you’re still reasonably communicating with them. Find out if you can handle them first.

Do not date friends’ exes

Especially when it could severe your relationship with your friends (come on, it usually does.) Aside from that, it is very un-nice. Some would call it being ‘bitchy’.

Do not date the married.

Immediately cut off and walk away from anyone who hides or lies about being married, engaged, or involved with someone else. They are just there to hurt you eventually. Unless you are prepared to face the consequences of breaking up a marriage. God does not like his children doing such things.

Be good at being single first.

Love yourself first. You cannot love someone else like they deserve when you do not love yourself first. Nothing flows from an empty cup. By loving yourself, I mean you should take care of your body, mental health and do meaningful things with your life.

Have some independence.

Do not make them cater for all your needs. Do not make it appear like your life depends on them either. Have a totally life they have little or no role to play in. Increase your charm.

Date someone who you supports you

This is a must. They must be able to see your vision and dreams and make them their own.

Never start something with someone out of boredom or loneliness.

This is very dangerous. You might not like them for them, and end up hurting their feelings.

NEVER pursue someone who is on the rebound.

A rebound relationship could be one of your worst mistakes.

A rebound relationship is the type of relationship where you start dating someone else for the sole purpose of getting over another. The definition already says enough.

Ensure that the other person respects and loves you for exactly who you are.

Make sure you’re in a good place in life before you invite someone else in. this one is extremely important.


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