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I am Oluamara Success Nwaeze. I ghostwrite, help you create refined contents and be the third eye to professionally editing your manuscripts. This post is all about my new collection and my winning the 28 days OPENWritersChallenge3.

I’d not say I had never imagined I’d win the 28 days OPENWritersChallenge3 because I did. It is true that a day to the challenge, I was so depressed. I had no idea what I was doing. Owing to school and life stress, my writing career was having this negative twist that bothered me.

It got to a point where it was not about knowing how to write but having the zeal to put something down. My creative juices had run dry. I desperately wanted to improve, but at the same time lacked the will power. Resurrecting my skills gave me the fuel I needed because I knew I would completely lose what I have if I just wallow in depression and did nothing.

But I had imagined winning nonetheless, from day one. However, I knew just imagining was not enough. In February 2019, I had also imagined winning – the 28 days PPKValWritingChallenge, but emerged 2nd runner up.

For OPEN, I planned my posts and put in place strategies to help make the writing challenge a lot less tasking. I applied the principle of working smart. Strategy and hard work enabled me to develop 171 contents in twenty 28 days.

A lot of things had to be done to come out number one amongst hundreds of other seasoned writers with the same zeal and motivation as me. Follow the link to read all about my preparation.

Download a collection of my entries for the challenge - a three-segmented collection divided into articles, short Stories and brief emotive guides. In it, I have also included about OPEN and the Successpensit story.

About Successpensit

This blog is managed by Oluamara Success Nwaeze. She is a law student at the University of Nigeria. Aside blogging, she ghostwrites, creates contents and edits manuscripts. Her happiness mostly comes from food.

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