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MEMORATA  (Memories) – Just as the name says, a short journey down the memory lane of romance.

It is midnight. I am awake, sitting on the bench that used to occupy two, feeling the roughness of the space with my palms, staring into the night. I unconsciously try to make a shape out of the not so visible trees. The cold seep into my bones. You dwell on my mind, deep. Memories. How did we get to …

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YEMI – a short story on hard work child marriage.

The earth was damp – an unhealthy mixture of the putrid smell of decaying matter. The ground was marshy and sloppy. The gutters full of green algae were bursting forth with water. She managed to maneuver her way through the unhealthy environment while keeping her intestines down her throat. “The heck! This place reeks so badly!” Water came trickling down …

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LEAVING THE SISTER ZONE: A Short Story On Agape Cum Eros. She Couldn’t Confess.

Moshood and I had been friends since childhood. Despite our cultural differences, we still had similar interests and hobbies. While he battled with his Hausa, I barely spoke Igbo. Our friendship bonded both families. We were raised at the heart of Enugu – Independence Layout – inseparable. Back in secondary school, everyone knew they had to get through me to …

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