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Story Category – Horror

I loved causing petty conflicts and making him think he was at fault because it always ended in our lovemaking. He’d call endlessly until I answered, and he’d beg and invite me over. He apologized for everything, even when I was at fault.

In the morning, I had raised one of those dusts, but nothing came. He neither answered my calls nor replied my messages.

It was getting to 7pm, I was getting pissed off. Then, Mary, my best friend, brought the news that he had died – in a car crash.

I couldn’t believe it until she sent me pictures of his burnt corpse. Hell broke loose. I shivered at the sight the blood and coal and flung my phone away.

The pain started breaking me from the inside, bit by bit, until goose bumps spread all over my body. I hugged myself. His death was all over the news – the son of a conglomerate.

How could this be possible? Sleep lost its power over me. My memory kept travelling back and forth – to just the previous day we talked, the curve of his lips when he smiled, and the spank he gave my bum when he told me he enjoys my little dramas.

The first tear broke free, the rest followed in an unbroken stream. I cried the longest cry of my life and was all cried out.

I went on Facebook, searched for his profile and immersed myself in our pictures. My chest felt tight; I couldn’t breathe. I shook my head, grasped my neck and gasped for air.

Clicking the message button, I began typing amidst cries:

Me: Zuby, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I can’t believe this. I love you. I’ll forever love you. Please come back. Please, I won’t give you too much wahala again.

I had hit send and instantly, my phone buzzed, a message from him.

Zuby: I love you too baby. Hahahaha, like you knew you always gave me trouble.


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