ADVICE FOR YOUR TWENTIES – have a better chance of living without regrets

We only get to be in our twenties once. The way you live in your twenties will deeply affect your other years. Below are some things you could do to enjoy your later years:

Don’t burn your bridges

Your twenties is the prime age to build solid friendships. Keep those trustworthy friends. Do not let a quarrel destroy what could last you for a lifetime.

Do Not Do Drugs

It might be fun for the moment, but after some years, you will realise it was not worth it.


It helps you age slower, keeps your bones healthier, and helps relieve you of the developmental stress.

Say no with confidence

When you disagree or do not want to do something, say no. you do not want to be a pushover in your twenties.

Have self-confidence

Have confidence in yourself. If you like someone, be direct and tell them. You might regret not doing that later on in life. Speak with confidence too, even in those times you are not sure of what you are saying. It gets people to trust and invest in you.

Choose a Career path

In your early twenties, do not waste much time figuring out what to do. Figure it out on time and start tilling your soil. It gives the chance to enjoy many more years of success.

Take Better Care of Yourself

You are important too. Take care of health issues. Get the things you can afford. Manage your finances and feel good in your own skin.

Save More Money

Avoid accruing debts. It will kill you in your 30’s and probably mess up your other years. Save those pennies, you will be surprised years later.

Be More Compassionate and Sincere

This paves way for you in the long run. Assist the children and the elderly, mostly. Try to be honest while dealing with others. Nothing beats these.

Consume Less Media

Have a life outside the media. If you are not using it for something purposeful, spend lesser time on social media. It is a place where people show their successes and little or nothing about their failures. Do not pay much attention to those.

Be Less Judgmental

Avoid wasting your time cursing and blaming others for their faults. Focus on your future, you will be more productive.

Place Greater Emphasis on Education

Put maximum effort into getting good grades. It opens the doors of the employers to you.

Take Responsibility for your Actions

Avoid the blame game. Be mature enough to own up to your actions. This is very crucial. If you keep avoiding taking responsibility for your actions, when will you quit?


Note however that It is never too late. If you missed these in your twenties, start them now, and teach your children.

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