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I could have done anything with my life, but writing is what I chose to spend of my life with. When I was younger, I used to be a loner; enjoying the quietness and socializing all by myself. That made me feel this duality, like there was another being living inside of me. I kept a diary and literally spoke to that other person each day. I got another and another when each one was filled up. Sometimes, I wrote at length and in detail until I slept off on my bed.

For someone who hardly socialized, writing was fun and relieving. Recording my thoughts and telling the other person about each person that helped and belittled was a blessing.

Then, in Junior High, I made a shift from just writing about myself and family to writing about the surroundings and friends I had made. At leisure, I wrote about our gatherings and plays just for the fun of re-reading them later and laughing at how smartly-foolish we were.

It was during a holiday that I realized the true meaning of the gift I had. It all started to fall into place. Yet for the pleasure, I was re-read the memories made at school and the bits and pieces turned into stories. Lovely stories that put a lasting smile on my face. I could actually write! I started putting more things together and my first book (a drama), was born – As You Make Your Bed.

Senior High came. I became a published author with my school and other neighbouring schools purchasing the book for their students. It was a big motivation. I became surer I had a shot at this and decided to reach a wider community. What better way to achieve that but to go online? I opened a Facebook account, wrote a lot of articles and short stories and posted them there – successpensit was born.

At this point, I won’t fail to thank my readers whose engagements through comments and corrections gave me the strength to never give up. It is to form a bigger community for us, make more friends, meet new people and have our own online space that this blog was born. Keep being with us!
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