24 Fun Facts About Oluamara Success Nwaeze

Hi Geng!

I do this often whenever I notice a substantial increase in my number of subscribers, but I haven’t done it in this fun way before. So let’s go.

If you’ve been seeing my content all over the place but do not know me, or this is your first time stopping by to read my post on getting a notification from me, you’re hooked! Welcome to the hood! I know that good relationships have to start from somewhere.

I have made a list of twenty-four (24) Fun Facts about me. Number 11 is a no-brainer. Numbers 19, 20, 21, 22 drive me.

  1. My name is Oluamara Success Nwaeze – you probably know right?
  2. I am a content expert. I help you find clarity, crush your sales goals, find business solutions, and become a highly paid expert.
  3. I am the best writer, editor, and trainer I have ever seen! You’ll agree for sure when we work together.
  4. I am currently undergoing legal education.
  5. I pick out onions in my food. Ouch…
  6. I don’t like indomie. For some reason I don’t know, it makes me nauseous.
  7. I used to know how to sing, like if you hear me sing before ehn, but I don’t know what happened. It’s what happens when you don’t practice.
  8. I love makeup. You must have noticed. I appreciate natural beauty, as many would call it though, but well… girl please give me the glam!
  9. All but one of the makeups you see in my photos were done by me. I give myself some credit. Check my Facebook profile and Instagram for photos.
  10. I can read and retain for Africa. Proof in my results.
  11. Who I love best in the whole world – MUM (full stop)
  12. I run a blog, this blog at successpensit.com
  13. I sabi (know) how to disturb people until they give me what I want. You gats make time for me boo.
  14. I love Janemena. Yassssss! She does her job professionally and no talk puts her down.
  15. The people I grew up with spoilt me with love and care.
  16. When I take myself on vacays, my Korean dramas and Chinese comics are sure to go with me because they make me laugh until my ribs crack.
  17. I am attracted to intelligence. I love smart guys. I won’t mention names though.
  18. Genotype – AA – na dem dey rush us.
  19. One thing I cannot live without is money.
  20. The amount of money I have invested in my personal development ehn, but I don’t in the least regret it. It is the reason I can confidently charge you and you will pay because you know I don’t disappoint.
  21. Feedbacks and testimonials always get to me, like always. I just love it when good things are happening to people through me. So please, when we work together, show me your results.
  22. I have a knack for helping people discover and monetize their knowledge. My students at the 6-Figure Business Mastermind can testify.
  23. Who would I love to remembered as? I’d love to be remembered as the breakthrough in your business/career.
  24. My network is half my net worth.

There, you know more about me. Do we have anything in common? I am excited to learn one or two things about you too. Feel free to share who you are in the comment section.

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Want to work with me on any project? Contact me from there as well or send an email to successnwaeze1@gmail.com

I am a project fixer.

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